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Walking Through A One17 Life: A 30-day Devotional
Walking Through A One17 Life: A 30-day Devotional

Join Stephanie and the kids on their neighborhood walking trail, as God meets them every day to reveal His creation anew.


“I am not a writer. And for the record, I write exactly like I talk. I never expected to put pen to paper except to write the grocery list. I was just as surprised as anyone when the Lord used both feet to kick me out of my comfortable boat.

Five years ago, when my marriage had fallen apart God showed me a verse that changed my world. During that period, God sustained my son and me. He provided everything we needed. He also used that time to grow my faith and my love for Him. He was the Light in our darkness. I stood on several of God’s promises while He was working to put my marriage back together, with Him at the center.

Through God’s grace, my husband and I are still married. Our lives are incredibly different than they have ever been. Everyday, He is showing us just how glorious He is! Join us as we walk through a One17 life!” – Stephanie Strickland, Author