2021 Quarter 1 Wrap Up

In January, I said that 2021 would be a year of firsts and new adventures. What an interesting journey of ups and downs so far! You can catch our January-February updates on our One17 Life Facebook page.

A few events started our year. We added a co-op school day into the boys home school schedule. And they LOVE IT! The Smith Community Christian Co-op! The families in this group are welcoming, creative, full of energy and love to laugh! Best of all, they love Jesus! Follow this link to find out more about it! Next semester, I will be a teacher too! YIKES!!

On Martin Luther King day, my Dad went home to be with Jesus . I really loved him and this hit me harder than I thought it would. Losing a parent leaves an emptiness that is unlike any other loss, no matter the relationship you have with them. It has taken me awhile to get back in a positive headspace.

Also in January, we welcomed our first baby goat into our humble herd. Lily is now 2 months old and thriving!

Lily at 1 month old

More great things are coming in the second quarter of 2021. Three more baby goats are coming this spring/summer. I can’t wait for the new kids on this block! Easter – Resurrection day 2021 is next weekend! But before then, we expect a spring break visit from a Michigan family who are immensely dear to us. More to come! Stay tuned!

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