Adios August!

August has come and gone already! Wow! Time flies by when you are concentrating on getting into a new routine.

Slipping into our new homeschool year has gone way more easily than I ever thought it would. Nathan has fewer meltdowns about starting school (YYYYYAAAAAYYYYY) and really likes adding/subtracting googly eyes! YEP! Googly eyes! From the dollar store!

He didn’t want to do math at all or any reading. While we were at the store, I asked him what he did want to count. He picked googly eyes. Ever since, he has been adding, subtracting AND reading! I am so blown away! It was a spur of the moment question that answered a desperate prayer!
The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer. Psalm 6:9 NLT

Our last big summer project was complete this month. New windows! These make such a difference in appearance. I can’t wait to see the difference in the utility usage this winter. Our schoolroom bay window was so drafty we couldn’t sit in front of it without a blanket. Happy to have screens to let in the crisp fall breezes.

Changing out the old windows.
New windows, new look, clear eyes.

Finally, I have maintained the 40lb weight loss for THREE MONTHS! That is quite a feat! I didn’t realize it would be way more than a physical weight off. It is freedom from the mental and emotional burden of the unwanted weight. Also, it’s confidence that I can accomplish a goal I set out to meet.

It’s also the support and encouragement of family and friends that helps bolster my drive to keep the weight off. I hope my journey inspires you! Read about it here. No matter where you are on your path, you can succeed on your journey. Whatever you goal is- education, weight loss, debt elimination- you CAN achieve it!

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