Our Summer 2020

YIKES!! I can’t believe July is over already!! This will be our entire school break, safer-at-home summer update. Our safer-at-home lasted for 2 months, Apr 6-Jun 6. I have to say that it was time well spent here. We were able to relax and have loads of much needed quality time. We also tackled some projects that otherwise, don’t know when they would have been accomplished! It was a very blessed season.

After two weeks of sitting around and resting up, we jumped in!!

Here’s the list of projects we busted out and loads of pictures!
– Moved the wood bench swing from the patio to the front porch
– Painted ceilings in both bedrooms and the hallway
– Commissioned an excavator to set the pond drainage pipe down as far as it would go (fixing it once and for all!)
– Installed a ceiling fan in our bedroom
– Replaced the bathroom light with the one from the bedroom
– Installed a screen door on the patio entrance
– Pickup and stored 100 square hay bales for winter feeding our donkeys
– Finish out the entire second floor and stairway into a livable space
– Ordered new windows we desperately need


Jumping In

Not Done Yet…

With the exception of the 2nd floor, all these were a day or less to complete. The 2nd floor project took about 2 weeks. Whew! I bet J was secretly relieved to return to this actual career job! All the finished pictures are in our next post! Stay tuned for our end of summer update! Hope yours has been great!

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