Things Happen in Threes

Have you heard the saying before? It took me all day today to realize its going on around here.

Thing #1

The third and hopefully final installment in the saga of our pond drainage tile. Additional flooding through the end of 2019 and early spring 2020 washed the pond drain tile halfway out again. Discouragement and danger abounded. We needed help. We prayed and began asking around our community for heavy equipment operators.

Additional flooding washout
Local Excavator at Work

We were connected with a local operator who was able to come out on Saturday. This hero resolved the entire drainage/erosion problem in less than 90 minutes. Animals and children are safe once again! It is a huge relief! Now, all we have to do is move the loose rock back from down stream. Thank God all that digging got my arms in shape to move rocks!

On to Thing #2!

I am currently at 153 lbs. Only 3 pounds to go to meet my weight loss goal. This has to be much easier than redistributing rocks. Or so you’d think.

Our routine has changed a bit in the last weeks, since the safer-at-home order. J has been laid off for a few weeks, with an undetermined return to work date. The boys have finished their school year. Inclement weather has further caused us to remain inside more often. Still, I am determined to be disciplined! Even as the males around here gorge on drumstick ice cream cones, sheet cake and chocolate milk. We all have our temptations, I guess.

Rolling right into thing #3!

April 30th, my final goal date, is three days away. Talk about pressure! You’d think I would be worried. But I’m not. If you remember, I missed goal dates 2 and 3 by a scant few days.

In Galatians 6:9, Paul encourages “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” (NLT)

Neither of those misses discouraged or derailed my efforts. However, I have learned from those misses. I have been working harder and finding healthier ways to make the meals we love, especially since the dessert bar opened in my kitchen. I will make my weight goal. Hopefully by my goal date. But if not, within a few days of it. I am confident. Stay tuned to see how things unfold!

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