Three down, one to go

Here it is March 30th! Goal weight: 155 lbs. Actual weight: 156.6 lbs. SO CLOSE! 😁 but I’m not upset at all! How could I be!?! Look at how close I am. Look at how far I’ve come! I am so happy!

Goal Weight 30 Mar 2020
Actual weight 30 Mar 2020

On March 8th, I measured my arms, thighs, waist, hips, and bust. The last time I measured myself was in 2018. I am 9 1/2 inches smaller overall from the 2018 measurements. It was exactly the boost I need to keep going. Seeing all the differences, how could anybody be upset about coming just short of the target? Read my post about goal 2 here.

Everyone has clothes they hold on to because they will wear them someday. Well…both pairs of these “goal” pants, I am wearing and they’re both LOOSE!

Last Thursday, I donated all the cold season clothes that are now too big. It felt GREAT! Weather is just now warming up. I’m sorting through summer clothing. Looking very forward to sizing down this season as well! I’m excited to get outdoors with the boys here on the farm.

My 50th birthday is about 5 weeks away on May 11th. I have 6 pounds to lose to meet my goal. When I decided in January that this year I was going to lose the weight, I thought the goals were aggressive. Maybe a little too aggressive. You can read my post announcing this journey here. But you know what? I’m relieved. I’ve tried my hardest! And I’m going to keep working hard. I’m going to get there, just you watch and see! Join me on this journey.

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