150 lbs by 50!

In January 2020, I started a journey that I’ve kept to myself because I didn’t want announce it and seem like just another person on the losing weight / New Year’s resolution bandwagon.

I have not liked my size for several years. I had not really done anything lasting about it. So, I decided I was going to get down to 150 lbs by my 50th birthday in May. It was time. I was 150 lbs when J and I married in 2005. Then the years of infertility, loss and depression came. As chubby child who was told she was fat, emotional eating was my crutch. At my largest non-pregnant weight, my scale read 192. Over the almost 15 years of our marriage, my weight has been a roller coaster. And so has my self-confidence and self-esteem. But by the end of 2019, I had lost 20 lbs by making healthier choices, drinking half my body weight in water and walking 10,000 steps every day. During the holidays, 7 lbs crept back on.

To keep this momentum going, I knew needed something big with the dates and goals right in front of me, to keep me on track. Just having an item of clothing I wanted to wear hanging up wasn’t really enough motivation. I found an example chart on Pinterest and I made one for myself and post it in my kitchen where I could see it all day long everyday. I also read a friends Facebook post of how she lost 70 pounds through routine eating, not “dieting”. LIGHT BULB! REVELATION! I cannot diet, but I can absolutely keep to a routine!

Things started off great! I hit my first goal ahead of schedule. That was really encouraging!

Little did I know in the middle of February, I would hit a plateau. It lasted about a week. During the plateau, I read about a celebrity who achieved her own 30+ weight loss goal because she worked harder when others said she couldn’t do it. I decided that I too, had to buckle down and work harder. I upped my steps to 20,000 and decided to get as many as I could before the boys wake up each morning. They are up by 5:30 a.m. Every. Day. So my feet hit the floor at 4:15 a.m.

As you can see, I fell one pound shy of my second goal of 162 pounds by Feb 29. I am not disappointed or discouraged over 1 pound. With the loss I have had, my body is changing. I see the shape I once was returning. Other things have also returned…cycles once thought long gone have restarted… and with that, comes bloating. I had not considered this at all when choosing my goal dates. But God knew and with His help, I will meet the next goal. And the next one. Until my 150 lb. goal is met. And He will help me keep the weight off, for His glory. And because I cannot do this with out Him.

I do find I need to share this journey. Of why the pounds packed on and of God’s grace and strength to get them off. Stay tuned to walk this out with me. I will post more pictures of myself too. I am usually behind the camera so bear with me! I hope we’ll both be encouraged!

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