When it rains, it pours

Flooding repair phase 2 has not gone well. I am trying now to back on track with everything else since beginning phase 2 in the last week of May. Lowering the pond drainage tile would allow the catch basin water to drain earlier reducing the potential to overflow. We realized this had to be done now, before the heat of Summer was on us. Then Fall, with homeschooling and hunting season. Circling right back into Winter (frozen ground) and then Spring rains again. This motivated us to dig the tile out. By hand. Just the two of us. Two shovels and a pick-axe. Ugh.

First Attempt

Digging 12″ down, tile back in and covered.

The morning after the tile was in, the rain came again. Just over 3 inches in a couple hours was enough to show water flowing under the tile. Back to the equipment barn for the shovels.

Second Attempt

This second attempt was not without its own perils. Snakes. A broken shovel. And getting my foot stuck for 20 minutes while stepping across the tile. Eventually, we got the tile back out and put rock down to fill the pipe ridges to keep water from seeping underneath. Then reset the pipe and dug the pond edges down a foot to cover the tile again. This took about 4 days from start to finish, as J was only available after work each day to help wrestle the tile in and out.

I wish I could say the second try was a winner. But a few days later the rains began again. This 6″ downfall create a flash flood that ripped through our property, washing the drainage tile halfway out. It also filled the creek almost completely with rock from farther up the mountain and left the road impassable a quarter mile south of our driveway.

Flash Flood 06-18-2019
Current state of the pond drainage tile

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success. Proverbs 15:22 NLT

We need help! We have praying earnestly for the answer God already has in place. A few days into July, we thought to call the local county commissioner. He gave us two people to call to help with the pond (private property) and the creek full of rocks (public property). But between July’s ridiculously high temp’s, overtime, and other life events, it is now August. So as soon as J has a Saturday off that is not 90 degrees by 10 am, the man just down the road a piece will be over with his backhoe-loader. But we still have to dig the tile up and wrestle it out a third time. Third times a charm! God help us!

P.S. Still waiting on a call back from the county about the creek. Stay tuned…

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