New Beginnings

The Strickland Family bought a farm, E I E I O

And on their farm they have some donkeys, E  I  E  I O

Yes, that’s right friends! We have four donkeys!

And we are getting some chickens. I think 12. That’s a lot, right?

I know you’re probably thinking, “What’s up, city girl?!”

But when I was 8 yrs old, my Grandma took me with her to her sister’s Missouri farm for a week. That was it! I was hooked!

There were goats and chickens. Lots of fascinating sites and smells that this suburban city girl had never seen before. It was the most wonderful place I had ever been!

My husband, Jeremy, is an anointed hunter.  I love to grow things. We both wanted land.

So we meshed our dreams together and bought a farm!  Exactly how God brought our dream to reality is an amazing story…

for another time. Stay tuned!

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